Nobility comes from Humility.

Honor comes from Piety.

Piety comes from Modesty.

Modesty comes from Freedom.

Freedom comes from Contentment.

And Contentment leads to Gratitude,

a path to Jannah.

Blessings arrive with Gratitude and Gratitude attracts more Blessings.

Noorayn is an expression of our Gratitude to Allah.

In this fast paced world, we juggle between the worldly life and the hereafter. And in a world where Modesty is looked down upon as oppression, little do they know that it’s actually a Lliberation. We are constantly challenged to our very grit to live up to the expectations of people and the cultures and traditions of the society. In this chaos, it’s complex to find a balance.

Every article of clothing we design, we aspire the Pleasure of Allah. Every design has a story. A story that relates to you. A story that emotes an emotion of Gratitude. A story that expresses Strength, Confidence and Determination. A story that extends Faith and Honor.

Crafted by The Noorayn, for Noorayns, to pursue a Lifestyle for Eternity.

Here we are, striving and aspiring to be the Women of Jannah!