A Lifestyle for Eternity

As we aspire to be from the women of Jannah, we must hold firm to two principles of life as believer. Modesty and Gratitude.

These are the gateways for us to Excel in our lives in this world and the hereafter.

Noorayn is a community of believing women whose aim is a Queendom in Jannah.



Women of Jannah

A Noorayn is a woman who flies high and conquers the skies, but holds her wings with grace and humility. Such that her inner beauty of faith and external beauty of obedience are in harmony.

A Noorayn is a woman who has a purpose; who’s willing to challenge the ordinary.

A Noorayn is any woman who has even a grain of Eeman in her heart.

A Noorayn is always grateful for all the trials and blessings of life.

Get in front of the mirror or take a selfie and see.

You are a Noorayn!

The Queen of her house, not only in this Duniya, but also in Jannah.

The Queen over the Hoorayn of Jannah.