Al Fajr Learning Club

The Al-Fajr Learning Club for Women is a vibrant and inclusive community where women come together to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Islam. It serves as a nurturing space for women to explore various aspects of their faith, including Quranic studies, Hadith literature, Islamic history, and spirituality and to foster a lifelong learning, personal growth, and a deep connection with Allah, allowing its members to develop a strong sense of faith and sisterhood.

  • A Journey of the heart, before the journey itself.

    AlFajr by Noorayn presents a Comprehensive and Unique workshop on Hajj in English.

    4 day workshop starting from 22nd May - 25th May

    11 am - 1 pm IST

    SPEAKERS: Dr. Amreen Sadiqa, Dr. Noor Fathima and Sr. Jabeen Faruk

    This is a free seminar.

  • May 22

    History and Virtues of hajj

    Learn about Significance and importance of Hajj,  know why and how Hajj started and life changing lessons from the life of Ibrahim (ahs)

  • May 23

    Different aspects of Preparation for Hajj

    Learn about Spiritual, physical, mental, logistical and financial preparation of Hajj. 

  • May 24

    Visual presentation of Umrah and Hajj

    From Ihram to Farewell Tawaf, Learn the concise and sequential method of Hajj and rituals in a step-by-step presentation with pictures of places and rituals for better understanding.

  • May 25

    Fiqh of Hajj especially Menstruation

    Learn How to expiate the mistakes done in the rituals of Hajj. 

    To delay menses or not.

    What to do when you start menstruating during hajj.

    Significance of visiting Madina Munawwara
    Virtue of visiting prophet's mosque 

    Etiquette and things to avoid