The World's first Sustainable Modest Wear Label

Abayas | Kaftans | Capes

Get ahead. Stand out. Be different.

Be the warrior you are. Just not in a black armor.

No more drab. No more being out of options.

Colorful is the way to go.

Sustainable is the way to go.


We are Noorayn!



As believers, we should be more responsible in our consumption and conscious of the environment. And we believe with the slightest efforts collectively, there is a larger impact – the Butterfly Effect.

Buy less. Use More.

When you buy, buy only that you're sure to use. Buy that
which is more natural. And buy that which can be worn over and over for a few years and doesn't wear out.

Our designs are made that way. Assortment of colours,
breathable fabrics that are lighter and doesn't produce odour, easier to wash and stretchable. Made for every occasion, made for everyday!

We follow Ethical & Fair Trade Practices.