Forever is not an illusion

Forever is not an illusion

As humans, we all set goals to better ourselves. We all sacrifice and do anything to accomplish certain milestones in life. It could be graduating medical school, moving to a different city or country, getting married, have another child, own a home, upgrade to a better car, to be successful and wealthy and what not!

But I have a goal, and it is to attain a place in Jannah! A Paradise promised to the believers if we strive to do good and we attribute no other partners to Allah. 

I desire Jannah and I can go leaps and bounds to make myself worthy of entering Jannah.

I am determined to get what I desire the most, even if I have to give up my comforts, even if I have to embrace hardship, or become stranger, even if I have to migrate from places and people, even if I have to get hurt in the process, even if I have to embrace solitude, even if I have to walk this path full with thorns, even if I have to show-up on days when I feel like quitting, even if I have to face the people when I feel vulnerable, even if I have to face criticism or defamation, even if I am humiliated in achieving it, even if I have to be broken in the process, I have decided that I will make it to Jannah, the everlasting abode.

And the first step I took to achieve my goal is to Embrace, adapt and adorn my modesty. My hijab is my Shield that strengthens my hearts shield which is Taqwa

I am the Noorayn and my hijab assists me and helps me to realign myself to my goal.

My external submission to my Lord guides my heart to my eternal destination - The Jannah, Where a Noorayn will be the Queen over the Hoorayn’s

Every time I looked at something which is unlawful, every time I slipped with my tongue, every time I heard something that’s not permissible,  every time I scroll that’s inappropriate, every time I wrote something that was against me or someone else, every time negative assumptions about people creeped  in my heart, every time my heart desire to sin, every time my limbs and body actually sinned, every time I went astray, my hijab and my Taqwa Synced and shout out loud to me, “oh woman of Haya, oh woman of Jannah have Haya with Allah”

My hijab Guards and protects me and it sends out a loud message to my nafs (one’s self), the world, and to Shaytan

It sends a loud message to My nafs that I am owned by my maker, my creator, by my fashioner, by my planner who has prepared Jannah for me

For the world, it sends a message that I am not free for you, I am not available for you. I am Noble and I am honourable  and I deserve to be treated with dignity

It foils the plans of shaytan by sending a message to him that no matter how much you mislead me causing me to commit sins, I’m not giving up my hope in Allah's mercy and Allah's forgiveness.

I have decided to go to Jannah and I will do anything it takes even if it as small as adorning and embracing Haya

This Haya will constantly remind me every day that the greatest Haya that I need to have is with Allah ʿazza wa-jalla, that I am shy and ashamed to do anything He dislikes and when I do so, I rush to repent. 

This inner guide of Haya directs me to find the best version of myself, it motivates me to be better, it governs my minds, my words and my every interaction.

And it reminds me that if I take one step towards Allah Allah will take ten steps towards me, if I walk He will run, if I stretch once span of my hand He will stretch a span of His arm

I have taken my first step,
I have taken my shield,
Have you taken yours?

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