I am Noorayn

I am Noorayn

Who is a Noorayn?

A muslimah.

A woman who has submitted her will to Allah.

A woman who makes a conscious effort to please Allah, worship him and him alone.

A woman who has belief, love and fear of Allah in her heart.


If you have the above listed attributes, then:

You love to do good.

You are a Noble Woman.

You are honored.

You are blessed with favors.


You are a Noorayn.


If you are choosing the everlasting abode over temporary and if you are pursuing a life for eternity;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you desire to adapt to a life of obedience to the Almighty;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you strive to do good in every act of yours;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you constantly wish to please the Most Merciful;

Then you are a Noorayn.


If you are striving to be Modest;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you try to do the best for your family;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you love to be honored, both in this Duniya and the Aakhirah;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you dare to walk the path of difficulty for Jannah;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


If you are a grateful soul;

Then, you are a Noorayn.


Whoever you are, wherever you are from, you can become an Noorayn. Understand, adapt and implement. Every small act has its rewards in multifold, for indeed, it is from Allah's bounties, the Al-Ghani - The Self Sufficient, that you will be blessed with.


Welcome aboard on this journey of a lifestyle for eternity.


Let us find a path of moderation and build for our eternal life.


We will be sharing some reflections from the Qur'an and the Sunnah and also real life examples of some Noorayns.


May Allah accept our efforts and keep us steadfast on the path of righteousness.

May Allah guide us and bless us with a life of obedience.

May Allah forgive us, protect us from evil and give us the ability to do good.


Oh Rabbul 'Aalameen, we seek your Mercy, for indeed, without it, we have no hope. Guide us, forgive us, help us and keep our tongues busy with your remembrance and our hearts always thankful to you. Indeed all Glory is unto you, and you alone.

We seek Jannah Oh Rabb, make our path easy.



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